Hydrant Flushing Notice

As part of our continued effort to maintain drinking water quality Plymouth Village Water & Sewer District (PVWSD) will be flushing the water distribution system during daytime hours between May 13th and June 7th.  For specific dates and location look below.

Please be aware that the flushing schedule is subject to changeAlthough there will be flushing on specific days at specific streets, customers may experience discolored water beyond the flushing area at any time during the flushing period.  

The discolored water is caused by harmless sediment flushed from the main line and is safe for human consumption. Water users are reminded to check for discolored water prior to washing laundry.  Fluctuations in pressure may be experienced during hydrant flushing. The PVWSD aims to minimize inconvenience to residents and businesses.  If you have any questions call the office at 536-1733.

May Flushing Calendar
June Flushing Calendar