Solar FAQ’s

Glossary to help explain the numbers on the solar production at the treatment plant


Current Power = AC power generation within the last 15 minutes, this continuously updated throughout the day, looks like a bell curve on the daily chart (Max Power Output is 5 inverters X 20kW= 100kW, usually occurs between 10am and 3pm).

100 kW

Energy today = Total daily AC power generation from the time the array turns on until it shuts down.  Yesterday (3/25) we had blue skies all day and it ran from 7am until 6:30pm, 11.5hrs.  Energy Generation (kWh)= Power (kW) x Time (hours)

(on 3/23 we generated 812.486 kWh in one day, which is the highest to date, enough to power 2 average homes for one month!)  So far we have had 17 days in March >400kWh and of those 10 were >600kWh.

Energy this month = Total monthly AC power generation.  According to, with all of our spec’s entered, we should generate 14.9 MWh for the Month of March which is very much possible by the 31st.  Low monthly is estimated at around 7MWh in the winter/dark months, and high monthly is estimated around 18.5MWh for the summer/most sun months.

14.3 MWh (12.54MWh / 0.001kWh= 12540kWh x $0.17= $2,132 so far this month)  Based on last month’s bill for the month of February $11,854.  At the rate of current solar generation we are seeing a reduction of monthly electricity cost by about 18%.

Lifetime energy = Total Lifetime AC power generation to date (from startup until now).  According to, with all of our spec’s entered, we should generate 159MWh annually.  This puts us at about $27,500 annual energy value depending on our electric rate, REC’s, ect…

30.57 MWh